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These are my last recipes;
Some of the recipes I prepare for my home and also for friends.
Plates I liked and learned to prepare, adapting to my taste and needs.

Ma ... attention:
my recipes are in my own way and it is not said that they respect the traditional canons;

also because, on certain classic preparations, every village and every family have their own original version!

On this page, day after day, a new or revised recipe may appear; But also the story of a meal prepared or eaten in the company.
Just like some curiosity ...

Enjoy the reading!

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Good brioscine

These brioscine (v. Note) that I saw in a video tried a lot.

In the end I decided to try them with a recipe that was a little improvised and a little recovered from other similar recipes.

The result was excellent and appreciated; in particular from my official tasters:
the children of my various neighbors!

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cover S
The apple pie for every day

Grandma's pies ... this in particular has always come to my mind.
It was not a cake for special occasions: just a cake for every day;
but very good!
And if I was there, I clearly had to collaborate in the preparation ...

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Ragout of chanterelles cream

Ragout of chanterelles cream

When autumn comes the mushroom season also arrives; in this period, then, the chanterelles are particularly inviting.
You can prepare them in many ways, like almost all mushrooms in general:
sautéed, as the main ingredient of a risotto or stewed with seasonal meats.

Or, as in this recipe, as a tasty and creamy ragù.

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Lemon Curd in the microwave

When I was a boy, during the study holidays in England (late 60) I often tried the lemon curd tart.
Then for years I haven't had the chance; but it always remained in my mind!

Nowadays, if desired, it is also found in the supermarket but, homemade, it has a completely different taste.

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Stuffed boiled egg

Eggs stuffed with tuna

A good appetizer for a thousand occasions and, why not, as a finger food for a party, a standing lunch or a trip!
And of course the equipment required is really essential: the picture of the dish I made in the kitchenette of the apartment where I was on vacation, at the sea.

But is that enough a stove and a camping pot or trekking ...

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