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white Bassano asparagus salad

 white Bassano asparagus salad

Waiting for the arrival of the first local asparagus, comfort me with these fantastic Bassano white kindly given to me by a friend that in this period there often travels for work.
I think the pictures speak for themselves, and that, for once, no prescription is needed:
watch and enjoy!

Yesterday I presented them in my interpretation of this classic recipe with Venetian egg sauce which fully enhances the flavor 
white Bassano asparagus with egg sauce Venetian

and this time I wanted to prepare them in a simple salad.
Salad that turned out to be a hit with these vegetables!

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Not many ingredients were needed; after all with a good base it is useless to cover the flavor:

Boiled eggs in wedges, tomatoes and shrimp just burned.
A good sprinkling of parsley and, finally, a vinaigrette vinegar correct apples by three drops of balsamic vinegar.

Nothing else.
The time required to complete and garnish dishes, asparagus just cooked (here always by me steam) had reached almost the ambient temperature; ideal to enjoy them in this capacity.


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