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Chicken rolled with asparagus


Of coiled and rolls of various kinds my kitchen is full.

Whether with meat or vegetables, stuffed with vegetables, rice or another at least once a week come to the table.

And when there are guests, rolled meat with seasonal vegetables is often the master.

Like this rolled up chicken with asparagus!

Moreover, do not use this vegetable when it is season would be a real pity.
The rolling stock I present to you today requires few ingredients and, on balance, it is not very demanding from an economic point of view!

Moreover the alternation of layers of different colors guarantees a very pleasant visual effect; almost as much as the taste and smell of this dish.

My mother called these coils (that she prepared exclusively with veal!) meatloafs.

My meatloaf is something different, like this to vegetables, and I usually settle for more accessible cuts.
In this case of chicken breasts.

The preparation, albeit simple, requires a minimum of manual skills when wrapping the roll up on itself; you can help yourself with some kitchen film or, having it available, with the pig net.


The quantities can be changed at will, according to your tastes and the number of people at the table!

chicken breasts 700
asparagus (still to be cleaned) 300
eggs pc.  2
sliced ​​bacon 150
salt and pepper q.s.
Pork Network q.s.


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Cut two or three thin slices from each chicken breast (or have them prepared by the butcher!) And beat them just before starting to roast.

Clean the asparagus and set aside the hardest and least palatable parts (they will be used to prepare one asparagus sauce to serve with a roll

Cook the asparagus (I prefer to steam them) and keep them aside.

Beat the two eggs with a little salt and pepper and prepare a thin omelette; keep it aside.

Arrange the chicken slices, slightly overlapping so as not to leave any free space, on the pork net or on the cooking film (or even parchment paper)

and then cover it with the omelette making sure to leave a free margin of a couple of centimeters on all sides.

Then place the slices of smoked pancetta and then the asparagus on top, trying to distribute the tips along the entire surface.

Now add salt and pepper and begin to fold a free edge of chicken (in the sense of the length of the asparagus) over the filling and then roll it up on itself as a strudel so as to alternate the layers of meat with those of filling.

If you used the pork net, stopping the rolled up will be very easy; otherwise it will be placed with the closing side on the grid and brushed with a little oil (there are also elastic food webs, if desired).

Attention: if you use the pork net it is not necessary to brush with oil; the roast will not dry out and will remain soft.

Wrap it in plastic wrap and keep it in the fridge for at least an hour. (I prefer to prepare it in the evening before baking it).

When cooking, place the roast in a baking pan with a grill and bake in a hot oven at 180 ° for an hour.

As soon as it is ready, wrap it in aluminum foil and leave it to cool for a good quarter of an hour in the food warmer or in the oven off: it will remain more compact when sliced.

Serve decorated with an asparagus sauce (prepared as in asparagus ragu recipe)


and accompanied by baked new potatoes and other asparagus.

Buon appetito!


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