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Artichokes alla Romana 

Roman-style artichokes!

An excellent vegetable side dish, which if desired, can be served for a quiet dinner, accompanied only by a couple of fried eggs. They are always good and sometimes I seem to diminish them, serving them as a side dish!
Too bad the artichoke season is so short ...


artichokes (preferably mammole)



lemon (squeeze)












bread crumbs


extra virgin olive oil


salt and pepper




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 Take the four artichokes (if they are already clean, better). Otherwise eliminate the external leaves and balance them over (abundantly, there is a bit of waste but the leaves at the top are not excellent ...) and eliminate the stems as well as the beards inside, especially at the bottom; the ideal is to leave them to soak an hour in water and lemon, helping them every now and then to open the leaves: cleaning them inside will be easier. 


Meanwhile, prepare a mixture of garlic, parsley and mint (this I have in the garden and at the end of the season we prepare small containers my magic freezer). Mix the mixture with breadcrumbs and EVO oil, adding pepper and salt. 


At this point drain well water and fill the artichokes well among the leaves, spreading them again, if necessary, in order to get to the bottom.


Heat about half a centimeter of oil in a large enough pan to hold the four artichokes (no more or less), salt the artichokes externally and place them upside down in a pan to brown for at least two or three minutes. 
Cover them with water from about a third in height, cover and cook, simmering just for half an hour. Check with the usual steccolino if they are soft at the right point and, if so, continue cooking for another few minutes. 


Drain from the pan and keep them warm (possibly in the oven warmer) and let the cooking liquid thicken over high heat. 
Serve them abundantly covered with this sauce. 



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  • print pdf Recipe, text only: to print or download.
  • Instead of using only water for the cooking of the artichokes, replace it with about one third of vegetable broth
  • having to prepare many artichokes (a bunch of greedy friends for lunch ...) you can brown them a few at a time in a pan and then place them gradually (always upside down) in a pan with an oil base and then , after having covered them with the bottom of the pan stretched with water, just enough to cover them up to a third, put them in the oven, covered or covered with aluminum foil, in a preheated oven at 170 ° for 30 '. Without forgetting to check the cooking at the end (as I always write: each oven has its history and its temperature ...)
  • I love, at the end of cooking, after having restricted the sauce, fry again, this time to head up, the artichokes, to make even flavor the soft bottom in the sauce.

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