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These are my last recipes;
Some of the recipes I prepare for my home and also for friends.
Plates I liked and learned to prepare, adapting to my taste and needs.

Ma ... attention:
my recipes are in my own way and they don't necessarily respect traditional canons;

also because, on certain classic preparations, each village and each family have their own original version!

On this page, day by day, may appear a new or a reworked recipe; but also a tale about a particular meal prepared or eaten with friends.
Just like some curiosity ...

Enjoy the reading!

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Quark focaccia!

My quark focaccia! 

Everyone likes this very appetizing focaccia and, when it arrives at the table, it is quickly brushed off, despite the hot filling, by young and old!

Preparing it is relatively simple, you just need a little pizza dough, some quark and some nice iron pans in which to cook it

However, it has a big flaw ...


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The Cantonese rice

 Cantonese rice, Chinese cuisine

Thinking of Chinese cuisine without immediately imagining a colorful Cantonese rice is almost impossible ... in the West it has now become one of the symbols of this cuisine; although it is perhaps more famous here than in the East.
Whether served as an appetizer, as a quick snack or as an accompaniment to main courses, it will never fail from the table.


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Paella with seafood!Seafood Paella

How much I love paella, however you prepare it:
of vegetables, fish, meat and everything!

It's amazing how a simple dish originally was born to strengthen with rice that was there in the kitchen, including leftovers, it has become by now a rich preparation; a preparation in which rice, playing a role as supporting actor.
Not to say from the shoulder.

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The octopus and potato salad


Octopus and Potato Salad 

I called it an appetizer salad but, if you are only in a couple of people, this quantity is also ideal for a second cold.
It is a very tasty dish and at the same time very simple to prepare: the ingredients are few and easy to find. (See note) 


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