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Risotto with asparagus and shrimp

Risotto with asparagus and prawns

I admit it: sometimes, not often, I delight to prepare a dish a little 'more elaborate than usual.

And since we are in season of asparagus, I propose for your table this very delicate risotto with asparagus.

It will require more attention (not much, however) but the result is guaranteed!

The important thing is to take the necessary time and prepare something, perhaps, first.

For example steaming asparagus and / or cleaning shrimps if bought fresh and whole.

For the rest, check that everything is ready and within reach and follow all the steps in the right order.

And now, starting as always from the ingredients, let's start cooking!

Ingredients, for 2 people:

rice (arborio, for me)



clean asparagus



clean shrimps



small onion



vegetable broth

fish cartoon (optional)

 ct. 1

White wine



extra virgin olive oil








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Clean the asparagus removing the hard parts of the stalks but keeping them aside: they will now serve to flavor the broth for the risotto!

Then throw these parts in the vegetable stock and if you had taken the whole shrimp also add heads and shells; otherwise flavor with a little fish sauce.

Once the stock has boiled, burn the prawn tails for a minute, then remove and keep aside.

Put the clean asparagus in the steamer basket, add salt and cook, covered, for five minutes over the broth.

Cut them into chunks keeping aside, together with the shrimp tails, the softer bits and pieces.

Strain the broth and keep it warm on a stove.

Chop the onion coarsely and fry it in a pan with a drizzle of EVO oil;

then add the pieces of asparagus.

As soon as it is seasoned, pass everything from the pan to the mixer and reduce it to cream.

In the same pan, without cleaning it, add a little oil EVO and toast the rice.

As soon as you add the onion and asparagus cream, mix and blend with the white wine.

Cover with the stock and cook over high heat, gradually adding more broth if necessary.

Season with salt and pepper and, three minutes after the end of cooking, add the asparagus tips, prawns and chopped mint.

When ready, remove from heat, complete with a little oil EVO, mix and leave to rest for five minutes before serving.

And, at this point, enjoy your meal!


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