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 Spaghetti alla carbonara


 A recipe that I did not think to put immediately on the site is that of carbonara:
at the bottom is a dish that is prepared often and that is very well known. 
But then he asked me a friend, so even a nearby ... not to stay rispiegarla again I decided to photograph it well and immediately publish it!

As I already wrote about thetomato and baconwe are talking about a traditional dish (although it suddenly became a dish renowned after World War II and whose paternity some attribute to the "ration k" of the American soldiers ...) and the ingredients are few, simple and easily available.

It had been proposed for some time (even by star chefs...) with many variations and decidedly enriched compared to the version now considered more traditional but: what is the original version?
In any case, I prepare it like this:

Ingredients, for three or four people, depends on the appetite:










pecorino cheese



extra virgin olive oil



black pepper (abundant)

Ad lib.


pinch (made with three fingers)


salt for water



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While the water is heating up on the fire, prepare all the necessary ingredients.

Once the pasta has been thrown into the boiling salted water, immediately start to brown the bacon (perhaps sprinkled with a little freshly ground black pepper) over medium heat with a drizzle of oil. The fat it will throw out (see note) will be more than enough to season the pasta.

Break the eggs in a bowl and beat them together with a good quantity of black pepper (more or less depending on the taste), a pinch of salt and pecorino.

As soon as the pasta is cooked just al dente, drain it and pour it into the pan, now over high heat, where the pancetta will be browned at the right point. Season the pancetta pasta well for a couple of minutes and ...

... Off the heat and add the beaten egg with the other ingredients and mix until it will be well firmed (this must never be done on the fire otherwise the egg is cooked and the sauce too will lose the typical appearance semicremoso ... ).

At this point bring the pan directly to the table and pass the pasta in the dishes.


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  • print pdf Recipe, text only: to print or download.
  • To get the effect creamy sauce, add a little of the cooking water to the cooking pan and mix well to emulsify it with the fat from the cheek and the starch contained in the water. It will also briefly prevent the egg, as soon as it is poured on the dough, suddenly come together with a horrible effect omelette.
  • I like carbonara done properly, with bacon, preferably the nice one encrusted with pepper. But, if you really can't do without it, I can forgive you the smoked bacon.
  • NOTE: In fact, using a traditional black iron pan, it would not even be necessary to add a little oil at the beginning ...
  • Before pouring the pasta into the pan, I remove and keep half the bacon aside: it will then be added to the individual dishes to make it stand out even more!
  • The milk or the cream do not go there: the dish is already very rich in itself ...
    However, I promise to offer you, sooner or later, the version of a great master: Gualtieroo Marchesi!
  • Many people love to decorate this pasta with some basil leaves: they would not go but give a nice touch of color!

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