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These are my last recipes;
Some of the recipes I prepare for my home and also for friends.
Plates I liked and learned to prepare, adapting to my taste and needs.

Ma ... attention:
my recipes are in my own way and it is not said that they respect the traditional canons;

also because, on certain classic preparations, every village and every family have their own original version!

On this page, day after day, a new or revised recipe may appear; But also the story of a meal prepared or eaten in the company.
Just like some curiosity ...

Enjoy the reading!

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tartar sauce

Good tartar sauce

Given that only the yolks of boiled eggs go into the tartar sauce ...
this is my version; which instead includes whole boiled eggs!

Although, when I do the stuffed boiled eggs with tartar sauce instead of other ingredients, egg whites are forced to use them as a container.
After all, if you really don't want to put them, you can leave them aside or add them chopped into small pieces, to the ready-made sauce.

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Spring rolls

Spring rolls (with filo pastry and baking) 春卷, Chinese cooking

I love the spring rolls; and as always, you can say, I prefer prepararmeli on my own!

This is the version with filo pastry and, to avoid frying, with baking.

The result is very pleasant and extremely light:
Try it!

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Biscuit for cakes
(A sponge cake with no problems)

Many times there is the beautiful fruit, perfect to prepare a beautiful cake but ... in any case, you need a suitable background. You can opt for the funds in pasta brisè or short pastry but in many cases a softer bottom would be ideal.
The ideal in these cases would be a pandispagna or a Genoese pasta; both require a minimum of care and attention.

Here is a quick and easy solution!

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Torta Caprese Al LimoneTorta Caprese Al Limone

The caprese cake is a classic; and has the distinction of being prepared without flour and with lots of chocolate!
What I have prepared here, however, is a white variant, however to be served cold, and with a characteristic lemon taste.

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Grilled chicken wings

Barbecued chicken wings

It is no secret that I am crazy about chicken wings: fried, roasted or on the grill all good!

At home, for convenience, I mainly prepare them on the barbecue.

If they are many on the coal one, and if they are few on the electric one.

The important thing is that they are tasty and cooked to the right point.

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