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The Christmas turkey of the Monti family

When I was a child, a good month before Christmas, my grandmother got a nice turkey, alive, and, placing it in the garden, fattened it to dot for the table on Christmas Day.

Even today the stuffed and baked turkey makes its appearance for the family Christmas table.

Of course today it is no longer possible, in the middle of the city, to raise birds for the table in the garden of the house and after all it is no longer necessary, although there are about twenty people, to satisfy the appetite of the diners with a bird with size of an ostrich!

But the recipe, with the butcher's turkey, however, has always remained the same: the turkey, well stuffed (here the recipe for the stuffingit is browned for a long time in a large copper saucepan, sprayed gradually with its cooking juices and fats.

Here I wanted to present my personal reinterpretation, slightly different and, if you like, lighter.

Always excellent though: I can assure you!

I put it clear that pork lard and network belong to my personal version that requires no cooking in the pan on a wire rack but with collect-fat.


young turkey, ca. g. 3'000
stuffed (Here the recipe) q.s.
salt and pepper q.s.
rosemary and other aromas at will Ad Lib.
Pork Network q.s.
lard often cut slice 1


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Clean and flame the turkey and then prepare it for stuffing and cooking.

A tip: it is advisable to eliminate the fork, it will make it easier, when going to the table, to cut the slices of meat from the breast.

Helping with a spoon (and also with your hands!) Begin to fill the turkey stuffing.

Fill it thoroughly by pressing the filling well and avoiding it coming out of the front:
it does not matter if it seems too full.

Tie it up tightly by squeezing the legs first to help close the opening.

(you can also get some extra leather and sew it to seal the openings:
I personally find that this facilitates the procedure).

Prepare the lard slice and spread the pork net.

Wrap well, at least a couple of times, in the pig net

Cover the breast with the slice of lard and fix it with a little 'string
(should it not melt all during cooking, it will be easier to eliminate it before going to the table!).

Mix the salt in a bowl with the pepper and the selected spices, sprinkle on the turkey and massage well to let them penetrate.

Fill the pan with water under the grill and place the turkey upside down.

Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for at least three hours.

As soon as the turkey has begun to brown, it is advisable to wrap the ends of the legs with aluminum foil to prevent them from browning too much;
if they are too pale they can be uncovered and colored during the last ten minutes of cooking.

Remove the turkey from the oven and, after a short rest, transfer it to a cutting board.

Remove the thighs and wings and place them on a tray.

Begin to incise the turkey in the center with the knife and open it.

Remove the filling and transfer to a serving bowl.

Make slices from the breast as far as possible and then proceed to portion the rest.

Then place on the tray with thighs and wings and bring to the table.

Serve, passing aside from the filling and a large bowl with a seasonal salad!

Buon appetito!


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