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Butterplätzchen, biscuits with butter


 These biscuits, excellent all year round, not only during the Christmas holidays, have a flavor and a consistency that is very reminiscent of the Danish biscuits, those that are bought in metal boxes; and in fact I keep them in metal boxes.

Or I should say that I try to keep them: they taste so intriguing that when you start to eat them, it's hard to stop.

Of all the small Christmas cakes, I would say that these are the easiest ever.

Ingredients (for about 80 pieces):

salted butter



raw sugar






00 cup flour



greaseproof paper



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Mix softened butter, sugar, vanilla and flour into the planetary; when the whole is blended continue with the hands on the work surface.

With the hands, form from the mixture of the cylinders of cm 2 Ø; store them in the cold for a few hours or better for one night. If necessary, wrap them in aluminum or plastic.
If you want, you can, with a little more work, give the cylinders a square shape; I often prefer them this way.

After the rest period, slice the rolls in slices of thickness 5 mm and place them on the baking sheet covered with parchment paper.

Bake the biscuits to 200 ° (static oven) and cook for 10 '- 12'.
Allow to cool completely before storing.


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  • These biscuits are stored well in a metal box for at least a couple of months.
  • In this preparation it is important to use the raw sugar instead of the refined one because it tends not to melt completely in cooking thus giving the finished biscuits a particular consistency rough and a delicate caramel flavor.
  • The cookies can also be decorated with almond slices or pine nuts.

  • For a different flavor, substitute a quarter of a flour with the same weight of dry grated coconut.
  • For those who want to know it, every biscuit brings Kcal 50 ...
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