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Pumpkin ravioli (recipe Gonzaga)

The pumpkin tortelli

This is a dish with a Renaissance flavor that takes us back to the Gonzaga court, a preparation that I cooked several times but, this time, I wanted to follow the directions of a friend from Mantua, Mrs. Bruna, who guaranteed me that only her stuffing is just the original one:
it is certainly excellent!
With respect to the recommendations that have been given to me and which I report in italics, some discrepancies will be noticed; but these are only nuances that do not affect the result and the final taste!


pumpkin g. 1'000
grated parmesan g. 200
Amaretti biscuits g. 200
apple mustard (Note) g. 200
breadcrumbs g. 200
egg pc. 1
nutmeg, according to the taste q.s.
 For the pastry using the classic recipe:
1 egg for about 1 ect of low flour for which:
flour g. 600
eggs pc. 6
sale small pinch (made with two fingers) 2

NB: The dough is thin but not too much


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Bake the pumpkin in the oven at 180 ° for about 40 '(alternatively steam for about 20'). Prick with a fork, if it is too firm continue for another 10 '.
Remove the peel and cut into small pieces.

Bruna dixit: Mash the pumpkin, finely chop the mustard, chopped amaretti, a grated nutmeg and mix everything. Let rest for the filling 24 hours by covering it with a cloth.

Put the pumpkin along with the grain into pieces in a food processor, chop fine and add the mustard.

Helping with a plastic bag (or a strong cloth) and a rolling pin crumble the amaretti and incorporate them, in a bowl, to the mince of pumpkin, parmesan and mustard.
Continuing to mix gradually add the egg, the breadcrumbs and the nutmeg.
Place the mixture, covered, in a cool place for at least one night; the ideal would be to prepare it in the morning to make tortelli on the morning of the following day!

Prepare many balls of stuffing, place the puff pastry, pulled with the machine (you do it first ...) on a sheet of parchment paper, divide it in half lengthwise.

Place a row of stuffing balls on each strip; brush the edges of the sheet and then fold one side over the filling, pressing gently to glue. Then cover with the other side, just overlapping it on the first edge. Press again, also around the filling.

Divide the tortelli with the toothed cutter wheel and, pressing the edges for safety, arrange them on a sheet of paper (or on a tray) sprinkled with semolina to rest: they must not be used before at least an hour has passed. Otherwise they could easily open.

While the water is boiling, melt the butter in a saucepan adding some sage leaves.
Salt the water as soon as it boils and pour the tortelli into it: they will cook in about seven or eight minutes, depending on the thickness of the sheet and your personal taste. Drain them in a bowl with a slotted spoon and season with melted butter with sage.
Separately, for the guests, serve abundant grated parmesan.

Bruna dixit: Cut with the toothed wheel of the squares of about 9 10 ~ cm side put a spoonful of filling in the center and close to the book by pressing the edges.
Cooking time 7 -8 m. In salt water.
Season with plenty of melted butter and sage and grated cheese


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  • print pdf Recipe, text only: to print or download.
  • Note: the recipe includes apple mustard: unfortunately someone if it was brushed all over the baicoli ... It has been replaced, I would say very well, by the classic fruit mustard.
  • Wanting to make first with the closing of the tortelli, instead of the classic form you can make ravioli using the ravioli, as shown in the photos below: in this case they are really ready in a moment!

- Bruna dixit:

  • This is the Gonzaga recipe; there is also a lighter version with half a dose (100 gr) of cheese, mustard, nutmeg and amaretti and with the addition of grated lemon zest but without egg. These have a drawback: if you open the dough the filling melts ...
  • as wine I recommend Ortrugo or Trebbiano (whites),
  • as a good valance for me a plate of pumpkin tortelli is never less than 14 or 16, then you can move on to a grain tip followed by a piece of sbrisolona,
  • this is also the traditional dish of lean meat on Christmas Eve, in the evening, even if it is now served almost all year round.

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