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Gazpacho, the blender 


Surely the original recipe of this dish did not include the blender ... the different vegetables were finely chopped and then mixed with tomatoes, oil, vinegar and spices. And the farmers who brought the gazpacho to work in the fields did not use a refrigerator to cool it, but a simple clay jar, which works perfectly: try it!
However, in the home today, the blender can be of great help.

I prepare my gazpacho like this: I like it and my neighbors, if they know that I have prepared it, always go by to see if there are a couple of portions left over!





tomato sauce from past



red onions



cucumber, peeled, seeded












1 or 2

extra virgin olive oil



sweet paprika (optional)


salt and pepper

pepper (optional)

fennel (optional)


cubed toasted bread

diced vegetables

hard-boiled egg



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 Blanch and peel tomatoes, peel, cut into quarters and remove seeds cucumber, Clean and cut into chunks the rest of vegetables.

Put the vegetables in the blender with the exception of garlic and tomatoes and blend with a small amount of oil and vinegar. As soon as well blended and homogeneous add the garlic in pieces, i tomatoesStill blend and add salt, pepper, sweet paprika and just wet bread crumbs, Taste and season with salt, oil and vinegar to taste.

Keep in the fridge (here I put the glass of the blender directly into the cockpit fridge for drinks ...) a couple of hours ...

... and then serve by placing small bowls with toasted bread sautéed with oil and others with diced peppers, cucumber, hard-boiled egg and whatever else you might like!

For example, I had only boiled and not seasoned green beans and I also put some of them, made in small pieces!

It is a fairly spicy preparation with a pungent flavor due to the presence of spices, vinegar and red onions.
But after the first moment, when it's really hot, it's very refreshing and regenerating for the body!


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  • print pdfRecipe, text only: to print or download.
  • Cucumber: if for some the cucumber was not easily digestible, it can be sweeten keeping the private quarters of the seeds with salt for about thirty minutes. Then rinse well and use with the other ingredients.
  • breadcrumbs: if you want you can use bread crumbs instead of bread crumbs or directly stale bread soaked in water and squeezed well; I always have a supply of stale bread at home to use to prepare dumplings, breadcrumbs and any other dish where old bread soaked in water or milk is served!
  • Tomatoes: if you didn't have nice sauce tomatoes at hand, you can fix it, rather than do without the gazpacho, with some nice peeled tomatoes or the past ...
  • Frozen water: if at the time of going to the table the gazpacho is too thick to stretch it with iced water and possibly a little vinegar.
  • Vegetables: preparing the vegetables, keep aside, for each, a piece for the preparation of the small pieces of garnish.

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