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The courgette cordon bleu


Since I had a big zucchini I decided to prepare a cordon bleu for vegetarians.

Among other things, much simpler than how I usually prepare it.

However, this does not detract from the flavor of this preparation:
it can be used both as a main course and as a side dish or appetizer.

I don't feel like giving even specific quantities, it depends on how many courgettes are in the house.

As a cheese I had a mountain cheese, a Gomser in variety mild, therefore not very seasoned; other mountain cheeses are equally good, as long as they are not too tasty, as the courgette itself has a flavor that is otherwise very easy to cover.
In extreme cases even horrid slices may be better than nothing.


sliced ​​courgette



bread crumbs


ghee for frying



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• First cut small slices of cheese and open like a book, gently, slices of zucchini, peeled, of about mm. 15 farcendole then with cheese.

Then pass them (see note) in a mixture of breadcrumbs egg and salt and fry them in a pan, in well-clarified butter, as if they were real cordon bleu 

Drain the zucchini as soon as golden brown on a wire rack (better) or on a sheet of kitchen paper and bring to the table.


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  • print pdf Text-only PDF, to print or download
  • breading: In this case the simplest and fastest way was used to make the breadcrumbs adhere; normally the ready-made courgettes should be left for about twenty minutes to soak in a batter of egg, flour and a drop of milk. Then, as soon as they are drained, pass in breadcrumbs just before frying them: the result is much better, even from the aesthetic side.
  • This recipe can also be made in a mini format, with thick slices of normal-sized zucchini. Or after having equalized two sides of the courgette, cut it lengthwise forming a long and thin cordon bleu.
  • This preparation is also excellent with aubergines, both long and round.
  • To have a visual effect closer to that of a real cordon bleu, you can stuff the vegetables, as well as cheese, with one or two very thin slices of tomato.
  • See also: La kitchen vegetarian or... chicken cordon bleuCordon blue, but from the Oberland!

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