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The cordon bleu; but of the Oberland! 

 The Oberland cordon bleu

This cordon bleu rigorously prepared with products from the Bernese Oberland, it has its own history; a story that dates back to the summer of 2012 and to the menus prepared by various Valais restaurateurs who joined the various events for the Valais summer

Passing through the Simplon I had stopped for lunch (as I often do today ...) at Ganterwald restaurant managed by the Lauwiner family;

 the main dish on their menu, which I appreciated very much, was a cordon bleu prepared with local products: pork from a small farm in the area, their Valais dried meat and raclette cheese, also local.

A dish that left its mark and that I wanted to repeat in my own way, with products from the Bernese Oberland and from small producers in the vicinity.
First of all pork: slices of loin of pig of mountain pasture from about a hecto one.
So the Ham, a smoked ham handcrafted by a small mountain butcher shop about ten kilometers from here. and then the cheese... this time I had a mountain cheese from Gstaad available, aged in aromatic herbs, very delicate and tasty.


for a cordon bleu

slice of loin of alp pig



seasoned cheese with herbs



smoked ham



for the breading and baking

flour, egg and breadcrumbs


clarified butter




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First open each slice of meat to the book and flatten it as much as possible. Then add the ham and the cheese made into fairly thin slices; nothing else. No spiciness is necessary: ​​the ingredients are already rich in aromas and aromas, and already quite salty.

At this point each slice must be closed on itself and then stopped with a small stick.

The cordon bleu is then breaded by passing it in flour, egg and breadcrumbs, as if it were one Milanese.

At this point we proceed to cooking that must be made strictly in clarified butter, hot. It takes about ten minutes, carefully turning the meat at least a couple of times.
As soon as it is ready, it is left to dry on a wire rack (or, alternatively, kitchen paper) and is brought to the table ...

in this case accompanied by a simple peperonata and a nasturtium flower (a spicy opening for this dish: edible, just slightly spicy, it is nice to look at and nibble on. I also often use it for salads).


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  • print pdf Recipe, text only: to print or download.

  • The restaurantHotel Restaurant Ganterwald am SimplonpassHenry und Karin Lauwiner.
  • The meat of pasture: the alpine pig is found at the end of summer, when the pigs that followed the farmers and the cows in the Oberland mountain pastures return to the valley after a few months of life in the fields and of feeding based on by-products of the production of cheese as well as mountain herbs and roots. 
    It costs maybe a little more than a normal cut; but it's worth it, definitely!
  • The ham: iThe smoked raw ham of this dish is produced by the butcher's shop in Sigriswil, also a spa and holiday resort in the mountains, about ten kilometers from Thun.
  • Nothing forbids, if you want to repeat this dish, to try to prepare it with local artisan products of your area; better if mountain!

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