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chicken cordon bleu 

That the cordon bleu is now a classic of many restaurants and many families is indisputable.
To which is the most true... well: better not open a discussion!

Here I propose the simplest and cheapest version, suitable for all palates and always appreciated;
clearly we can prepare many other versions and with different ingredients.

Wanting to go on the difficult, I think a much more version refined is the one I presented a while ago (Here the recipe), specially prepared for friends who often frequent my table and that unfortunately requires a series of ingredients that are not readily available.

I believe, however, that everyone's imagination and inspiration allow us to find the solution that best suits them.

As a meat, in general, I recommend pork, veal and, like here, chicken.

Ingredients, per person:

chicken fillet ca.



Emmental type cheese



baked ham



salt and pepper

clarified butter for cooking


The indicated ham and cheese have been indicated halved because the photographed preparation was for two fillets!


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With a sharp knife, open the fillets of chicken breast carefully and without breaking them.
Then lay them on a cutting board and finish opening them.

Cover them with a plastic film so as not to damage them and flatten them well: the thickness must be halved.

Halve the (thin) slice of cheese and salt and pepper the meat.

Cover half a slice of chicken with an age of slice of ham, leaving the other side on the cutting board.
Add the cheese and fold over the rest of the ham, bringing it towards the most closed part of the pocket:
in this way the risk that the cheese flows out during cooking decreases!

Fold the remaining half of the meat over the ham and cheese filling and press the edges firmly, trying to make them coincide as much as possible.
If necessary, secure them with a steccolino on the longer edge.

Cover the cordon bleu again with the plastic film and gently beat them so that they get a fairly uniform thickness and make the edges adhere as much as possible.

Bread according to your habits even if the three classic passages, flour, egg and breadcrumbs, always give excellent results.

Heat the clarified butter well in a pan and fry the cordon bleu for about 8 'over medium heat, turning it a couple of times.
The cordon bleu must be cooked and browned to perfection but they must not be scorched!

Allow the excess butter to drain briefly on a wire rack or absorbent paper and bring to the table with a side dish to your liking.

Cordon bleu is served: enjoy your meal!


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  •  Recipe, text only: to print or download.
  • Here I indicated a cheese Emmental type; in general, any semi-fat and not too seasoned cheese, according to one's taste, can work well.
    Recently a friend replicated them using fontina!
  • Since the photographed preparation was for two fillets, a fairly large halved slice of cheese was used.
    As for the ham.
  • As you can see from the photos, the filling must not be abundant: the flavors of the different ingredients must blend together without one going to predominate over the others.
  • See also: Cordon bleu; but Oberland! Zucchini cordon bleu.

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