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Gnocchi of potato flakes 

Gnocchi of potato flakes

Sometimes I happen to want to potato dumplings; and discover that you have potatoes in the house!
Or to have potatoes but absolutely lack the desire to boil, peel and crush them.
It would seem an insoluble problem but ... the solution is at hand:
potato flakes.

In my pantry they never fail; not those with added flavorings and additives that are found in the shop for the preparation of puree but the pure and simple ones that are also used for many preparations. And that they are an excellent corrective, at home, for doughs that would otherwise lack that certain nonsoché.
It happens to me to use one or two tablespoons, sometimes, even when, preparing the gnocchi normally, I realize that the potatoes are not giving their best.
Clearly this is a product to be used sparingly: a pound of flakes corresponds to seven pounds of fresh potatoes!

In the version I present here I used very little flour to me gnocchi raving about patatosi, of those to be taken out of the water at the same time they come to the surface, because otherwise they fall apart; and to mix with care, delicacy and love in the bowl so as not to ruin them.
But that when you eat them they have a taste… You are therefore free to use even more flour; they will be much more manageable.


potato flakes (BIO)



00 flour, minimum












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flour for the work surface




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Weigh the potato flakes, beat the eggs with a little 'of water, salt and nutmeg. Add them to the container with flakes and stir briefly.

Continue to knead on the work surface immediately adding just over half of the water and gradually the flour and the rest of the water. Knead for about ten minutes until the dough is firm but slightly moist.

On the floured surface, form small cylinders of dough and cut them into equal pieces with a knife.

Now give the gnocchi the preferred shape: you can pass them on the tines of a fork or, as in the following photos, pass them with a light pressure of the finger on a grater, rolling them on themselves: my grandmother did this!
My mother preferred rather cut of pasta hollow cylinders sideways and then with his thumb on the center of each dumpling. To each choosing the preferred format!

Bring the water to a boil in a pot capable and in the meantime prepare a tureen with butter, softened by adding a couple of tablespoons of cooking water and a ladle of the chosen seasoning.

Pour the gnocchi in water about twenty at a time and, especially with this mixture of flour, drain with the ladle drilled as soon as they come to the surface: otherwise they will get rid of!

 Pour them into the bowl and add more seasoning and grated cheese.

Mix very carefully and divide at the table, in the dishes. Serve separately a bowl with some other seasoning and a container with some grated cheese.
 In these photos, a very rich tomato sauce was used. But butter, sage and Parmesan are also very tasty; without ever forgetting the pesto or gorgonzola sauce.

And, here it really takes,
bon appetit!


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  • print pdf Recipe, text only: to print or download. (almost ready, I have to touch up a detail or two!)
  • Although I only use untreated flakes, many others use, with satisfaction, also the flakes normally on the market for the preparation of puree.
  • These potato flakes can be found in specialty stores, in the MMR stores speciazed in the communities kitchen or, as I do, ordering them via internet to one of the various distributors on the web.
  • The amount of water used is very indicative: depending on the humidity of the air, the mixture may require a smaller or larger amount. As a rule, I recommend starting with a small amount of water and adding it as you mix.
  • Two eggs may seem too much for this amount of dough: however, we must not forget that two and a half ounces of flakes correspond to more than one and a half kilograms of fresh potatoes!
  • The flakes can be mixed, at the beginning, as for the preparation of a puree; you will continue adding the egg and flour then, kneading on the work surface.
  • As for the gnocchi with fresh potatoes, you can mix them by adding spinach or other ingredients, such as basil or saffron, to vary their taste and color.
  • Potato flakes, in small quantities, are an excellent aid as a binder for pumpkin gnocchi.
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