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My peppers in the countryside

My peppers in the countryside

These peppers are a preparation that does not have its true and proper placement:
they are always good, either as appetizer or as garnish, either hot ot cold.
But whichever way you present them are always appreciated by everybody.

Among other things, they are very easy to prepare and taste between sour and sweet allows you to marry them to any dish; or eat them as well, accompanied only by a simple slice of bread!

Perhaps the thing that takes more time to generate them, is to cut the peppers into strips;
then with a little 'of garlic, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and vinegar you can begin to cook them:
and it's ready immediately.

Already from the ingredients we understand that it is a very flexible recipe, it all depends on personal taste or by the diners.
Here's how to prepare them:


peppers, red, green or orange

as you want to use

EVO oil for cooking

depending peppers - never too

garlic clove

just crushed or crushed

balsamic vinegar

for pepper 1 ct

white wine vinegar


salt and pepper


oregano, optional

if you like

extra virgin olive oil

for seasoning after cooking


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Wash the pepper, remove the seeds and the white part and cut into strips no wider than a centimeter.

Heat the oil in a pan with a clove of garlic (whole just crushed with the knife blade to remove it later or finely chopped).
If someone just did not like - it happens - help it.

When the garlic releases its aroma, but did not burn, add the peppers, salt and pepper and stir quickly.
Pour the balsamic vinegar and cook them for a few minutes over high heat: they must remain crunchy!

Sprinkle with the white wine vinegar and let it evaporate: as soon as the peppers can be transferred onto a plate ...

... and seasoned to taste with olive oil and wishing with oregano flowers crumbled by hand.
If it will be quickly cooked yet crisp and very pleasant to the taste.


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