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Pasta with cauliflower in a pan, pasta chi vruoccoli arrived 

 Pasta with cauliflower in a pan, pasta with vanguard

 There are dishes that belong to a regional tradition for centuries and that, however one prepares them, will always find those who say no, do not do so.

I propose a traditional Sicilian dish as I tried it, very essential and without tomato:
la pasta who vuggling arriminati.

 Where to vruoccoli means cauliflower, here cut into florets.

Traditionally this dish is presented with bucatini ... I have preferred some pens, terrified by the idea that someone attacked the plate armed with a knife and fork; or maybe spoon!

And now, starting as always from the ingredients, let's start cooking!

Ingredients for 2 people:

bucatini or penne (v. Note)









pine nuts





small onion


anchovies in oil (v. Note)



extra virgin olive oil


salt and pepper


toasted breadcrumbs with EVO oil in small pan

Ad lib.


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Start by soaking the raisins and then cleaning the cauliflower and separating the various florets.

Then put it to cook in boiling salted water for about ten minutes.
I personally prefer not to go beyond five minutes: the cauliflower will then cook again in the pan and for my taste it would then be overcooked.

ATTENTION: The cauliflower cooking water must not be thrown away: it will cook the pasta!

While the cauliflower cooks brown in a little olive oil in a skillful pan, the onion, finely chopped, adding just enough the anchovy fillets to pieces (see note).

Complete with raisins and pine nuts.

As soon as the cauliflower is ready, drain it with a perforated spoon and put it in the pan.

Add the saffron, melting it with a little water of cooking cauliflower, stir and continue cooking over a gentle heat

Throw the pasta into the cooking water of the cauliflower and drain it just al dente by passing it directly into the pan.

If necessary add a ladle of the cooking water.

While the pasta binds with the seasoning, toast briefly the breadcrumbs of stale bread (or, alternatively, breadcrumbs) in very little oil, being careful not to burn it.

With this muddica atturrata sprinkle the pasta and mix well, out of the heat.

Leave everything to rest for a couple of minutes, bring to the table and serve.

Buon appetito!


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