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Spaghetti with clams: a classic

 Spaghetti with clams

Any kind of dish that presents the coupled pasta and seafood - or crustaceans - drives me crazy.

I like them all, but some of my favorite I can not overlook what is perhaps the most classic tradition of the sea:
spaghetti with clams!

Clean and simple, so as to fully highlight the flavor and scent of the sea.

This dish there are so many versions and although the classic want it in white, I love to color and embellish it with an addition to the last moment of a handful of sliced ​​fresh tomatoes into small cubes then and there (and I trust you that I set so also for spaghetti with mussels!)

With just a few ingredients, strictly fresh, especially the clams and a little 'patience to the need to wait until the clams well abbian purged all traces of sand: nothing worse than a dish to taste with the unpleasant sensation of the sand between the teeth ...

I'll prepare as well: we begin to cook together starting, as always, from the ingredients.

Ingredients, per person:

clams g.  250
spaghetti (or linguine) g. 80
garlic clove 1
parsley tuft 1
extra virgin olive oil   q.s.
sale   q.s.
White wine (optional) TS. 1
fresh tomatoes   Ad Lib



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 Wash the clams well, discarding any broken ones if necessary, and then place them in a basin with plenty of water and a CT. of table salt.

It will take at least a few hours because expel all the sand and in any case, this period has elapsed, after having rinsed well in running water, leave to rest again in cold water about ten minutes before proceeding further.

Drain them well and put them in a pot that contains comfortably with half a clove of garlic and half the parsley (the rest will be used later).

Cook them in the pot closed and high heat until they are all open: just less than a dozen minutes.

Drain, filter the water that will have released and keep it aside for the final cooking.

Then shell a half of the clams holding only the fruits: they will then occupy less space in the pan and will facilitate the diners

Cut into fresh tomato saucepans (the quantity goes according to taste: I use them with great discretion ...) and prepare a crushed garlic and parsley (while holding some parsley for the final decoration) and, in the When you throw the dough, fry it, in low-medium fire, in a large frying pan with olive oil.

As soon as the pan begins to emit the aroma of the fried (careful not to fry the garlic: must not mention to darken or worse burn!) add the clams and mix them well, raising to flame, to make them flavor.

At this point add the well-filtered liquid from the clams, carry the flame on high heat in order to be dried any excess liquid and, one minute before draining the pasta, add the cubed tomato.

Drain the spaghetti and pour them without letting them drip too directly in the pan. Continue to live fire cooking stirring the noodles to absorb all the flavors of the sauce.

Complete with a sprinkle of chopped parsley or chopped, stir once more and remove from heat.

Bring to the table immediately and serve directly from the pan (or rather from the pan placed on a serving table, if you have one!).
Complete each dish with any clams remaining in the pan.

Buon appetito!


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