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Ragout of asparagus

 Ragout of asparagus

When the asparagus season arrives in my kitchen and on the table it's a big party.

And of recipes to prepare them I have already presented some (You can be found here), the most usual ones.

This asparagus ragout is a version a bit 'more unusual on my table but very delicate and, I would say, refined!

It is one of those recipes that take more time to describe them and document them photographically than to prepare them; because then, although not very fast, it does not present great difficulties and in an hour it appears on the table,

And I can assure you that, from the moment it is in the pot to the one in which it disappears from the plate, it is a moment.

The last time I put on the table this preparation I had to force myself to eat slowly and savor every bite.

What else can I add: try it and you will be amazed! 

Let's see how to prepare starting, as always, from the ingredients.


asparagus (to clean) g. 500
vegetable broth ml. 450
White wine ml. 100
cup sugar pinch (made with three fingers) 1
lemon juice ct. ½
sale pinch (made with three fingers) 1
salted butter g. 40
flour g. 20
cream ml. 300
narrow asparagus stalks
(See recipe below)
ml. 400
chervil Ad Lib


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Clean the asparagus and discard the last centimeter of the stems.

Prepare the asparagus restricted for the sauce: cut the final third of the stems into rounds and reduce on low heat along with broth, wine, sugar, salt and lemon juice.

While the pasta cooks, cut the rest of the asparagus into two or three parts (depending on the size) and keep them aside for the next cooking.

When the restricted will be reduced to less than half a liter of volume,

whip and pass it through a sieve.

Cook the asparagus held by Steam

and meanwhile prepare the sauce to tie it all.

Prepare a medium roux with butter and flour;

just golden add the cream, mix and finish with small asparagus.

Mix the steamed asparagus with the cream together with one or two handfuls of coarsely chopped chervil.

Blend the flavors and serve.

Buon appetito!


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