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Baked cod with flavor breading 

Baked cod with flavor breading

 Frozen cod fillets are always a resource to prepare a simple, fast and tasty dinner or lunch with every type of variant: this time seasoned and gratinated in the oven with a breading of garlic, aromatic herbs, lemon, oil, breadcrumbs and almonds flakes.

Here I used the fillets obtained from the final part of the cod, in practice the tail, a part that has two advantages:
it flakes very little and costs less!

A little clarification regarding the quantities of seasonings and flavorings: the quantities indicated are the ones that I use, generally. If you want to use less breadcrumbs or less oil, it's okay, like using more.
And the various aromas can be varied, according to availability: mint, basil, dill, fennel; in short, what you like.

Personally I would never give up garlic; nor to the flaked almonds that give a special touch to this dish.

And now, starting as always from the ingredients, let's start cooking!

Ingredients for two persons:

cod fillets



breadcrumbs (not fine)



extra virgin olive oil



parsley (thyme, oregano, etc.)

Ad lib.




salt and pepper


lemon juice


white wine (optional)


flaked almonds

Ad lib.

half tomatoes (optional)

Ad lib.



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Although this is a quick dish to prepare, let's remember to remove the cod fillets from the freezer at least a couple of hours before and let them thaw slowly, lying on a plate, in the refrigerator.

Start by preheating the oven (fan) to 200 ° C; in this way it will facilitate the elimination in cooking of any excess humidity.
Prepare the breadcrumbs by very finely chopping the garlic and the aromas (I, first, put the garlic into small pieces, the aromatic herbs, a little lemon juice and olive oil in the glass of the immersion blender and reduce everything to cream!) and mix them with breadcrumbs (not fine) and the rest of the ingredients (a little salt and pepper included) until you obtain a homogeneous but coarse mixture (excluding almonds, they will go to the end, before baking ).

Dry the cod fillets and season them with salt, pepper and lemon juice.

Pass them in the breading on all sides and arrange them in a freshly oiled oven pan.

To make the dish more colorful and complete, alternate the fillets with half tomatoes (small but not too much) seasoned with the same breading (cut upwards, I recommend!).

Cover with flaked almonds and complete with a drizzle of oil.

Without waiting beyond baking (200 ° C, ventilated) ...

... and leave to cook for about fifteen minutes; until golden browning.

Serve freshly baked accompanied by any gratin tomatoes and new potatoes with parsley.

Bon appetit!


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