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Chinese cooking - 中国 菜

Chinese cuisine!

Although these are, for the most part, recipes that are part of Chinese cuisine, I do not rule out that there are some intruders from neighboring countries though ...
Given the vastness of China, it is difficult to say when a plate of a border area is really Chinese or foresto!

I do not point to many specialties, only those that are often easy to find from me; dishes that I have been eating for many years now.
Dishes that are always successful with my diners.

The rest I had good teachers ...

Dim Sum 點心
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These are the ones I love to prepare and clearly eat. To prepare them usually takes some time but when they come to the table I'm a pleasure:
to see and enjoy.

The spring rolls, 春卷 Spring Rolls

Shau ​​never porkshaumaimaiale S

Shau ​​never prawn shaumaigamberi S

The curry puff, puff pastries very tasty oriental curry currypuff S

The fried wonton wonton S

Chinese mushrooms, shitake, stuffed with shrimp shitakegamberi S

Baozi to vegetables - (蔬菜 包) Chinese steamed bread with vegetable filling baoziverdura S

Baozi (Bun) With chicken and mushrooms, steamed baozi S

Cantonese fried rice risocantonese S

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main courses
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And here follow other preparations that usually make up a lunch, invariably accompanied by bowls of rice.

Il baifan (白饭), White rice to ChinaBaifan S

Wok spicy beef with gingerginger spicy beef

Bamboo beef and mushroomsmanzobambu S

Sweet and sour chicken polloagrodolce S

Shizitou (狮子头) - Pork Stewed meatballs shizitou S

Wok chow mein (炒 麺) with sprouts and beefchowmeinlight S

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  • As I prepare them, other specialties of the middle empire will follow. If anyone, however, wanted to know how to prepare a dish in particular ... well, if it is one of those I prepare, I'll do to do it now!
  • At the time of writing (November 2013) I can guarantee that it is not a season for me to prepare the lacquered duck to Pechinese: I prefer to use the oven in the garden, to do it!
    Which means: no chiedetemela (for now ...)