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Grilled octopus Greek

Grilled octopus Greek

One of the preparations of the island of Crete that has always made me greedy is the octopus grilled and served flavored with an emulsion of oil and vinegar enriched with different aromas;
every tavern has its own version.

I found it great, Giorgioupoli, Mrs. Georgia Kourinaki, homonym tavern and taverna Zorbas.

And Mrs. Eleni Skoundridaki, of which latter, I had this version that I present ripreparata from me;
with maybe some license in the final seasoning.

An important recommendation:
If the octopus is fresh (ask your provider) and not thawed (or purchased frozen) will be wrought with care to romperne fibers;
or spent a night in the freezer and then allowed to slowly thaw.

Otherwise, no matter how much care you can put in its preparation, it will remain tough and fibrous.

And now, ahead with the preparation!


whole octopus g.  1'500
extra virgin olive oil  q.s.
vinegar     ad lib
pepper  ad lib
Origan  ad lib
garlic (optional)


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Clean and wash the octopus, put it in a pot without any liquids or seasonings (no salt, please!), Cover and cook over medium heat for an hour. (v. Note)

Remove from heat and let it cool in its own liquid to pot discovery (or covered with a cloth to keep out flies and midges) for at least an hour.

Dry the octopus, remove the head (and set aside, in squares, for a nice seafood salad) and split with a knife eight tentacles.
Do not get caught by the temptation to immediately begin to eat the pieces: the rest is already good so ...

Place the pieces in a tray with a little 'of olive oil and anoint them for good.
Then pass them on hot grill turning them a few times: we need about ten minutes but much also depends on personal taste.

Serve hot sprinkled with an emulsion of olive oil, vinegar and oregano.
It is a spectacle to be enjoyed both with the view that with the palate.

Bon appetit!


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  • print pdf Recipe, text only: to print or download.
  • To soften the fibers of the octopus, On many Greek islands, leaving them hanging on a thread, like laundry hanging out to dry for several hours exposed to the sea breeze. I have no personal evidence: I saw the pictures and I was told! (Photos from old postcard)
  • Cooking in the pot: Some cook the octopus in an open pot so that at the end of cooking almost all the liquid has evaporated that throws out. I recommend, if you just do not want to have drowned in its water to raise a couple of times the past cover the first half hour of cooking.
  • Added to the emulsion, if desired, one of squeezed garlic.
  • Sprinkle in a dish, even with the chopped parsley (or pimpernel).

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