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Advanced potatoes?
Let's frittate!

The potato omelette

Sometimes, when I prepare food, I let myself be carried away by the enthusiasm of my gluttony and I let the quantities abound.

At the table, however, my appetite puts a firm stopping point to my attack on the plate and so ...
something advances.

With roast potatoes it often happens: but the solution is at your fingertips!
And more often than not a nice omelette comes out, like this one.

The remaining potatoes are fundamental ingredients; eggs can not miss, it is an omelette.
The onion then, in these omelettes is essential (and anyway I love the onions!).

Of quantity, for a recycling dish, there is no need to speak: what is there is enough and progresses.


advanced roast potatoes



XNUMX cups milk

salt and pepper



EVO oil to the pan


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After browning the thinly sliced ​​onion, add the potatoes, if necessary cut into small pieces if they are very large and leave to flavor briefly over medium heat.

Meanwhile beat the eggs, how many are enough depending on the size of the pan (for these photos, two) Along with a little milk and a little flour.
It is adjusted with salt and pepper (Attention: the potatoes are already tasty by themselves) and is distributed in the pan, moving it a little to reach all the points.

Continue cooking, always over medium heat, for a few minutes, covering with a lid and then turn it over cooking for another couple of minutes.

The omelette is ready, enjoy your meal!


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  • To each can season with additional aromas: the chopped rosemary and browned in a pan with the onion, for example.
  • A pair of onions cut into rings instead of onion, very soften the flavor.