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Vanilla pudding, without gelatin 

Cream caramel


The other day, while I was making custard with whole eggs for a cake, they asked me:
but can you also prepare the pudding?

What to answer: sure!

Moreover, my grandmother often prepared a custard which, when cooled, had the consistency of a pudding;
(Which, however, was not consumed like this but, cut into large cubes, was fried and served with the rest of its mixture).

So, a couple of days later, I picked up the recipe and changed the doses to have a thicker cream, I got to work and prepared a nice pudding.

And, as I'm a sweet tooth, I spread it out in four double caramel-coated coffee mugs.
Basically, I made some nice crème caramel!

Therefore, if you want to try it too, starting as always with the ingredients, let's start cooking!

Ingredients, minimum quantity (enough for four / eight cups, in general):

  for cups ... 4 8





XNUMX cups milk




XNUMX/XNUMX cup sugar




cornstarch (see note)



pure vanilla

pinch (made with three fingers)





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In this, as in many other recipes, I use pure vanilla which is found in convenient and expensive jars at the supermarket.

But if you want to flavor the milk by grating the vanilla from the pod ... the choice is yours.

Whip the whole eggs with the hot sugar, as for the preparation of the sponge cake, will have to triple in volume.

Continuing to mix gently, add the cornstarch little by little.

In another saucepan, heat - without boiling! - milk with vanilla.

Remove the saucepan from the heat and add a CT. of hot milk to the mixture, stir and then, continuing to stir, gradually pour the mixture into the saucepan.

Put it back on the heat and continue stirring, cook until a very thick cream has formed.

Remove from the heat and rinse with ice water, without drying it, the container (or containers) in which to pour the mixture.
Wanting to complete the container with caramel.

Pour the mixture and let it cool in the fridge for at least a couple of hours (or overnight).

After this time, carefully remove the pudding from the edges and transfer it to a plate or saucers.

Bon appetit!


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