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Kokosbutterplätzchen, tartelline coconut

Kokosbutterplätzchen, tartelline coconut

These cookies with butter and coconut are actually a variant of my usual butter biscuits, Always present in my Christmas preparations.

The main difference, in addition to the dough, is that they are cooked and offered in small molds (two centimeters and a half in diameter!) of baking paper.

For the rest, as all these festive cookies are delicious!
Believe me, I had to hide them to prevent me spazzolassero them all!

Unlike other types of Christmas cookies, these are fine in any season and the consistency of the dough does not require processing in low temperature rooms as for some shortbread.

And, if you already have my usual biscuits with butter They are extremely easy to prepare, I dare to say that these are even more so!

So we collect all the ingredients and start kneading.

Ingredients (for about 100 pieces):

XNUMX/XNUMX cup salted butter



raw sugar




pinch (made with three fingers)


00 cup flour



coconut flour  g.  175

baking paper molds Ø cm 2.5

 pc. 100



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Mix softened butter, sugar, vanilla and flour into the planetary; when the whole is blended continue with the hands on the work surface.

Let stand in a cool place for no more than half an hour (the dough should not harden) and then begin to form by hand into small balls (about cm2.5 Ø) ...

... To have gradually into the molds with parchment paper.

Leave to stand in a cool place for at least half an hour and then bake the biscuits in 200 ° (static oven) and cook for 10 '- 12'.
Towards the end of cooking the cookies begin to sit adapting to the mold and finally taking the form of little cakes sunken.

Et voila, the tartelline coconut am ready!

Leave them to cool for half a day and then place them in metal boxes until they are ready to be enjoyed or used for some nice little packets of biscuits to give to friends and relatives.


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  • print pdf Recipe, text only: to print or download.
  • These biscuits are stored well in a metal box for at least a couple of months.
  • In this preparation it is important to use the raw sugar instead of the refined one because it tends not to melt completely in cooking thus giving the finished biscuits a particular consistency rough and a delicate caramel flavor.
  • Variante almond and cinnamon: this variant, just as good, follows the same procedures described above; the coconut will be replaced with the finely chopped almonds and the vanilla with two or three generous cinnamon sockets.
    Cooking times are the same.
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