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Chantilly cream

Chantilly cream

Often this name indicates a simple whipped cream; but this one has an extra gear:

the addition of sugar and vanilla that transform it into a fundamental complement in desserts and, moreover, in a dessert in its own right!

It is easy to prepare and is always successful.

In a nutshell, I try to describe its preparation:
basically it is, using pure vanilla powder, of a very simple preparation!

For purists: v. note to the bottom of the recipe


fresh cream



vanilla, powder or syrup (Coop)

icing sugar



whipped cream stabilizer (optional)




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Mix cream and vanilla in a large bowl and begin to assemble it with a whisk (possibly the electric one).

When it begins to thicken, always continuing to whip, gradually add less than half of the icing sugar and, if you want to keep the cream firm for several hours, also the stabilizing powder (usually found in all supermarkets).

Continue stirring until the mixture is thick and complete, stirring gently, little by little, with the rest of the icing sugar.

Chantilly cream is ready to be enjoyed immediately or for further preparation.

Fantastic on strawberries but also on all fresh fruit ...


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  • For this cream, of course, very fresh and quality cream!
  • I have noticed that often with this name is indicated a preparation obtained by mixing two thirds of custard to a third of Chantilly cream (sometimes even in equal parts) ... but this union gives rise to the diplomatic cream, the main foundation of the homonymous cake!
  • Vanilla: if you want to use the vanilla pod, grate the inside in the cream and leave it to infuse in the fridge overnight.
    Before using the cream, filter it with a special cloth to eliminate the imperfections of black seeds!