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The ice-cream biscuit

The ice-cream biscuit

Given the choice between an ice cream in the cone and one of the biscuits, I have always opted for the latter:
it is convenient to eat and has, to my taste, more substance to bite of the thin rind that wraps an ice cream in cone.
It's definitely a matter of taste, I agree; I like it this way.

And wanting to prepare at home, pleasant to enjoy the afternoon sitting in the garden, there is not much time.
Preparation is simple, particularly if, like me, use cookies already available.

Generally I use simple cookies Petit beurre - I have a supply at home to calm my gluttony attacks - and as I prefer ice cream my ice cream ricotta, Other preparation extremely easy and foolproof. 

So notice the delay and let us see how.


ice cream cottage cheese (prescription)


petit beurre biscuits type (v. Note)



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Prepare ricotta ice cream as per recipe or take from the freezer the one already prepared previously (in this case it is better to mix a little bit to soften it).

Arrange the biscuits on a flat surface and cover them with a generous spoonful of ice-cream.
Cover the ice cream with another cookie, pressing lightly, then touch up any burrs with a spatula.
Place in freezer for at least an hour and collect ten minutes before offering it.

It's good, very good.
And the kids love it!


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  • Biscuits: Also of the other biscuits as Oro Saiwa, They are excellent for this preparation.
  • The ricotta ice cream can be enriched at will, from chocolate chips or pistachio seeds; at will.