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The rules of the house 3 rice: The rice pilaf
oven base version

The rice pilaf baked, the basic version!

For certain preparations that require a good amount of rice, this preparation (of Persian origin - pilau - but spread everywhere by the Turks with the name of pilaf) is in my opinion ideal.

Taking your hand well with your oven and the amount of liquid the result will always be guaranteed.

Here I did not want to present the rich pilaf preparations, other than, well known, flavored with raisins, cinnamon and clove up to those cooked with various meats or vegetables.

This is the basic version, suitable for contours, and basic starting point for all pilaf preparations.

Increasingly pilaf is prepared on the stove with a procedure, after roasting, which is reminiscent of Chinese BaiFan.


Basmati rice (v. Note)



vegetable broth



small shallot (v. Note)



XNUMX/XNUMX cup salted butter



EVO oil (optional)


wine (optional)



salt and pepper (v. Note)



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Measure the rice and wash it carefully until the water is clear: this is an important operation because it eliminates all those small traces of starch that would make the grains stick together.

Slice the shallot (or if you prefer, an onion) and brown it in butter (v. Note) Over very low heat until it is completely undone.

As soon as the shallot is ready, add the rice, raising the heat and toast it well, as in preparation of risotto.

If the butter is insufficient to prevent the rice from sticking, add a little oil or melted butter.

Add all the broth, boiling, stir a moment and cover before placing in the oven. To facilitate cooking the pan, you can also add an aluminum foil or baking paper to improve the seal.

Some add, before the stock, an idea of ​​wine and let it evaporate before adding the stock.

Bake in oven preheated to 180 18 ° '.

At the end of cooking, quickly fry the rice with a fork. If it is slightly moist, let it stand, uncovered, in the oven off for a couple of minutes.

Now the rice is perfect and ready to be used as a side dish, especially for seasoning dishes rich.


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  • Shallot: Has a right taste, in my opinion, for this basic preparation; It can be replaced by those who does not love him, from an onion.
  • Butter: traditionally this preparation requires butter: it is not mandatory and can be replaced with olive oil. The taste will be slightly different but good, in any case.
  • Basmati rice: The long-grain rices are best, from the classic to the Basmati varieties from the scent of jasmine. For photos I used a great Carolina (long-grain rice) of Italian production.
  • Salt and pepper: if you use a well seasoned and tasty vegetable stock, you do not need to add more salt. Also because this basic preparation serves as an accompaniment to dishes already rich in tasty sauces.
  • Warning: the rice used took one and half times its volume of broth; other rice may require a larger amount of liquid. So before you prepare for a dinner with friends, it's best to test both the cooking time of the rice that the required amount of broth.
  • It is very important that the baking pot is large enough: the layer of rice, broth and other seasonings will be better if it is less than a couple of centimeters thicker.