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The moussaka in Greece

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Speaking of Greece and its cuisine without mentioning its moussaka would be almost impossible; and simply define this dish as a mere vegetable pie seasoned with a meat sauce is definitely unacceptable.
The moussaka is the moussaka!


Each tavern has its own recipe; and so every family. The one photographed here was made in the tavern of Giorgia Kourinaki in Giorgioupoli (Crete): fantastic. On a layer of potatoes alternate layers of aubergines fried in olive oil with spoonfuls of seasoning. And at the end a large layer of béchamel and cheese.

Fifty meters further, the tavern Zorba's, alternate eggplant with zucchini: equally great (my granddaughter was going crazy ...).

And then, of course, there is also my version ... soon I prepare it again, the photographer and the kit of the whole recipe.