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The moussaka in Greece


Speaking of Greece and its cuisine without mentioning its moussaka would be almost impossible; and simply define this dish as a mere vegetable pie seasoned with a meat sauce is definitely unacceptable.
The moussaka is the moussaka!

Each tavern has its own recipe; and so every family. The one photographed here was made in the tavern of Giorgia Kourinaki in Giorgioupoli (Crete): fantastic. On a layer of potatoes alternate layers of aubergines fried in olive oil with spoonfuls of seasoning. And at the end a large layer of béchamel and cheese.

Fifty meters further, the tavern Zorba's, alternate eggplant with zucchini: equally great (my granddaughter was going crazy ...).

And then, of course, there is also my version ...
soon I'll prepare it again, photograph it and supply it with the whole recipe.

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