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Piccata of cod fillets with sweet and sour vegetables 

Piccata of cod fillets with sweet and sour vegetables

Sometimes there is no time or desire to publish a recipe in full ...
and perhaps it happens that a presentation is more or less the elaboration or modification of a recipe (or more recipes) that has already appeared.

I also present it to you and, when possible, with all the references to the recipe which inspires it; as in this one

Cod fillet piccata with sweet and sour vegetables!

Cod fillets look good in many preparations and are always welcome; even to children!

This time I propose them in version piccata and accompanied by a mix of crunchy sweet and sour vegetables.

In my cooking I tend to favor the small fillets obtained from the final part of the cod:
they are firmer and tend to be very difficult to unravel, however you strain them; in addition to the undisputed advantage of costing a little less!

As vegetables I used peppers, courgettes and aubergines browned in garlic (then removed) and onion.
And at the end of cooking with the addition of a handful of raisins.

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The result is a very colorful and extremely tasty dish.

For the preparation of the piccata I refer you to this

Plenty of platessa threads

While for the vegetables you can follow, adapting it to your taste, the preparation of
Sweet and sour zucchini

To try and then… enjoy your meal!


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  • For any clarification on these recipes, please contact me: I will reply quickly.
  • For the preparation of vegetables, I recommend abundant:
    the next day, with the addition of cherry tomatoes and other ingredients available in the kitchen, they will be the basis for an excellent vegetable salad (here with my cherry tomatoes, a rest of tuna in oil and two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil!).

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