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Baked donuts, an alternative to fried! 

Donuts, baked donuts

I admit it: I am greedy!
And donuts, pancakes and donuts always attract me much.

In the cold season however, as good as the kitchen vacuum cleaner, I do not want to fry at home (in the warm season I fry on the veranda ...) And then I had to find a solution to my desire to donuts:
donuts in the oven!

Maybe the taste of fried will be missing but, I can guarantee, they are equally excellent;
as always this judgment is confirmed by the children of my different neighbors.

Even this, like most of the recipes I propose, is simple to make, especially if you have a kneader.

It takes only a little patience for leavening times; but the result is guaranteed!

Ingredients (for ca. Ø cm donuts 20 7):

egg pc. 1
granulated sugar g.  120
vanilla pinch (made with three fingers) 1
XNUMX cups milk ml. 230
sale pinch (made with three fingers) ½
00 cup flour g. 225
Manitoba flour (DE: Type 550, AT: W700) g. 225
cinnamon pinch (made with three fingers) 2
yeast (fresh) g. 10
softened butter g. 120
flour for the pastry  q.s.
seed oil to the bowl q.s.



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Start by mixing the egg at room temperature with the sugar in the mixing bowl.
Just obtained a smooth cream add milk, salt and vanilla.

Mix together and sift the two types of flour and add a first half to the mixture together with the yeast crumbled with your fingers and cinnamon.

Continue to stir, gradually adding the butter into small pieces to incorporate completely.

Add, little by little, continuing to knead the rest of the sifted flour.

Then transfer it to the well-floured work surface ...

... And knead with your hands until you get a soft, smooth dough.

Transfer to a greased bowl with a little vegetable oil, cover and let rise for at least an hour;
it should more or less double in volume.

Take the leavened dough, transfer it on the work surface (always floured) and, first with his hands and then with a rolling pin, spread it to a thickness of one centimeter:
pastry thicknesses will come back very comfortable!

Begin to make discs of about seven centimeters using a ring-shaped ring (if you have, or a cup!) ...

... and then puncture them with a smaller ring (or a small glass).

Place the donuts on the gods a plate covered with parchment paper and let rise again, covered, for half an hour to an hour:
they will continue to grow until they double again in volume.

At this point the donuts are ready to be baked in the oven (static) previously already brought to 180 ° C
(depending on the oven, also 190 °).
They will be ready to be baked in about 15 '.

Sprinkle with icing sugar, just let it cool.

They can be bitten even when they are still warm.

Good snack!


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  • print pdf Recipe, text only: to print or download.
  • As an alternative to icing sugar you can use a simple icing of icing sugar and lemon juice sprinkled with colored sugars
  • Or a chocolate glaze ...
  • And for those who are nostalgic for that certain fried taste, here is a tasty solution:
    melt a little butter in a pan and use it to brush the buns; then roll them in a dish containing a good amount of sugar.
  • If they were to make donuts, there is no need to despair:
    can be safely frozen in a special well sealed bag and found in the oven (160 °, ventilated) a few days later!

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