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A plate of pasta and chickpeas

Pasta and chickpeas

When I was a kid (more than fifty years ago) there was a neighbor, Signora Mercurio, who prepared an excellent and unattainable pasta and chickpeas.
And knowing how much my mother and I were greedy there carried on a portion or two!

Many years later, wanting something different to the table, I put together a version quickie and unpretentious:
He was so successful that still is often asked me today.

This is a somewhat unusual and quite unusual preparation in my kitchen: here the pasta is in fact cooked in risotto, as can best be seen in the recipe.

And since it is a preparation fast, chickpeas can also be pre-cooked, canned.

Also for the broth, I leave the choice between the one made at home (I always have it ready - I confess) or the granular one.

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The complete recipe can be found here, both in the vegetarian version, with strictly vegetable stock (click here)

that in the full version of all variants (here is the recipe)

Never forget to put on the table an ampoule of extra virgin olive oil and a pepper mill:
a little more taste never hurts!


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  • It can be served both semi-dry and long.
  • Cold, the next day, accompanied by a good amount of EVO oil, it is excellent!