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Il graviera of Kreta - Γραβιέρα Κρήτης

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While continuing my vacation in Crete, I also try to see what the most special local products. And so, while I was wandering around a store of food I felt a smell that reminded me of something .. and then I remembered: pecorino cheese! And indeed there was a cheese on the counter in the scent and appearance that seemed; but the name was very confusing. In fact the words reported Γραβιέρα (Graviera).

For safety and to ensure I can try it once back in my apartment overlooking the sea I bought a nice slice. So I documented: despite the name - which probably dates back to the period Venetian of the island - it is a typical local cheese - clearly a medium aged sheep's cheese, present in different varieties.

The Cretan, a designation Graviera Kritis (Γραβιέρα Κρήτης), is recognized by the EU from '96 as a product DOP.


And, knowing the lure so the anger and the anathemas of the Sisterhood of the Sardinian friends, I must admit that it has nothing to envy to the pecorino of that island.

Yesterday, I wanted to prepare a very tasty amatriciana, I also tried it there:
the result was perfect.