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I gołąbki of Aneta

Mrs. Aneta

The nice lady Aneta, excellent cook dela Silesia, has been pointed out to me, the photos seen of my preparation sarmale that one, with the name of golabki, It is also one of the national dishes of his homeland, Poland! And I was immediately given his version, the one that I report here, as I sent it.

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The version of the gołąbki is quite simple for those who already know what to do with the cabbage leaves. So, every region has its own recipe;
 mine is with rice and ground beef.




the scalded cabbage leaves
boiled rice al dente

minced meat (in proportion: ¾ of meat and ¼ of rice)

a fried onion
salt and pepper handful beautiful




Prepare the rolls, however, before placing them in the pan to cook them, put on the bottom of the casserole a couple of ribs of cabbage, a few spoonfuls of frozen sauté, the tomato paste, two spoonfuls of Maggi, and a teaspoon of marjoram ... the rolls. And all in the oven at 200 °, after cooking in the sauce add a few spoonfuls of cream and a handful of dill.
That's it!


  • Some make them with mushrooms and there are those who, instead of rice, put the chopped raw potatoes or barley.
  • I also prepared the vegetarian version with the cabbage and onion + fried rice and I must say it was yummy.