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Baked casserole with spiced parsnip and various tubers

Baked casserole with spiced parsnip and various tubers

As it is written in a recent recipe also autumn, with its offer of every type of root and tuber, allows us to get to the table with tasty and full of color dishes.

As in this oven pan where, to the taste a little unusual of parsnip, potatoes and carrots of every color and flavor are combined with the intriguing touch of paprika.

It is a simple preparation, as always, which can be used as a second course or as a side dish to other dishes.

And, personally experienced, also I love to children
(perhaps using a little 'in the addition of paprika and sparingly pepe).

The amounts and proportions are quite customizable:
I have calculated that using equally the various ingredients (to get to about a pound of roots) There is enough for four people.

It is also a recipe light: we are under two hundred calories per serving!

Ingredients for four people:

new potatoes, with peel g 350
carrots, cleaned g 350
parsnip, bald g 350
Hungarian paprika TS. 1
rosemary sprig 1
extra virgin olive oil ts.  3
salt and pepper q.s.



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Clean well under water, with a cloth or an abrasive glove for food, potatoes and carrots, peel the parsnips and then cut into cubes all more or less the same size.

If you do not start cooking immediately, add them as you cut them to a bowl of cold water with acidity and lemon.

Preheat the oven to 200 ° C.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Bring to a boil a pot of water, add salt and freshly cook the vegetables, depending on the size, between three and five minutes.

Drain immediately and let them drain well ...

... And then season with extra virgin olive oil, paprika, salt, ground black pepper and rosemary finely chopped (if you like spicy, chili idea I would put it).

Arrange well nearby, in a single layer, in the pan and bake (static oven, 200 ° C) for about thirty minutes.

After this time they are ready, crispy and tasty!

serve hot, straight from the pan.

Enjoy your meal.


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