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Risotto all'ortolana with chicken surprise
(a "light" recipe)

Risotto all'ortolana with chicken surprise!

Sometimes, without thinking too much about it, you can manage to combine a recipe and "light", too with what's in the house.

The important thing is that the dish that results is, as well as appetizing, even complete!
This risotto with vegetables from the freezer, supplemented by a small spit chicken surplus, is one example.

I taken from my magic freezer a mix of frozen vegetables (those ready, mixed and clean, but absolutely no seasoning or flavor enhancers) and I began to prepare the risotto; the procedure is the usual one I follow for risotto with the only caveat to respect the quantities of oil indicated.
The chicken left over from the day before, carefully freed of the skin, was prepared in slices to compose a surprising dish for the dish.

Here's how to do it.

Ingredients, per person:

Rice (Arborio, up)



mixed vegetables from the freezer (v. Note)



onion, a, ca.



extra virgin olive oil



vegetable broth


White wine



salt and pepper


chicken breast, already cooked, without skin



balsamic vinegar




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How to risotto procedure, Heat a little oil ct in a pan, add onion and let it dry on low heat for several minutes. Add the vegetables, mix well by adding a CT of white wine and cook for a few minutes in a covered pan.

Remove the vegetables from the pan and keep aside, add a cup of oil to the pan, without cleaning it, and slightly raise the flame to toast the rice.

As soon as the rice is ready, add the vegetables, stir well and cover flush with boiling broth. Now carry the flame to the maximum until the end of cooking.

Hold the hot broth on the stove to add it if the s'asciugasse risotto too.

Towards half cooked add salt and pepper.

When cooked, remove from heat and let stand five minutes while you prepare the dish.

Arrange in a shallow dish and season the chicken slices with an idea of ​​balsamic vinegar.

Cover the chicken with hot risotto to slightly warm it.

You can alternate, while dining, the risotto with the slices of chicken that will have absorbed the aroma of the vegetables in the meantime.


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  • At home I always have a supply of vegetables in the freezer, always come back useful to complete or enrich many dishes.
    No obstacle, however, to the use of fresh vegetables!
  • This risotto is also excellent in the vegetarian version, without the chicken.
    In this case I suggest adding, after removing it from the heat, a generous amount of cheese, perhaps mixing together the last pieces of two or three types of cheese.
    Mix well and let stand a few minutes still early to go to the table.
  • kcal 431.0, 23.8 grams protein, fat grams 10.3, 56.9 g carbohydrates