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Bratkartoffeln, roasted potatoes in a pan 

 Bratkartoffeln, the potatoes roasted in a pan

Although this recipe was born as a method to recycle advanced boiled potatoes, today it has become a preparation in its own right and for which potatoes are specially prepared.

And, just disappeared the need to reuse the potatoes already boiled remained unused, various ways of preparing them have appeared.
All good!

For example, I only read the potatoes for about ten minutes, leaving them not completely cooked.
If this perhaps requires a longer stay in the pan, on the other hand it allows you to avoid certain unpleasant final results in which half of our dish is completely pulped (good anyway, believe me!)

They are an ideal side dish for roasts and grilled meats, a perfect - and equally good - alternative to baked potatoes.

And now, starting as always from the ingredients, let's start cooking!

Ingredients for two persons:




potatoes (medium size)



extra virgin olive oil



XNUMX/XNUMX cup salted butter



salt and pepper


Caraway seed





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As for all preparations in which boiled potatoes are needed, also in this case it is better to prepare them the day before; then throw the whole potatoes in boiling water and skip and cook them for about ten minutes.

Drain them, peel them and keep them in a cool place until the following day (or prepare them early in the morning to use them in the evening).

Take the cold potatoes and slice them.

Peel and roughly chop the onion.

Heat the kümmel seeds in a large pan (it will also be used for the potatoes) and, as soon as they have released their aroma, add a CT. of olive oil and brown the onions for about ten minutes.

Salt them, remove them from the pan and keep them aside for the moment.

Pour the remaining two CTs. oil in the pan and brown the potatoes for a few minutes, without turning them.

Then stir well, season with the butter and brown them again for no more than ten minutes, turning them over two or three times at the most.

Season with salt and pepper, complete with the onions kept aside, briefly flavor everything and serve them hot!

Also excellent on their own, these potatoes are a perfect side dish for roasts and grills.

Bon appetit!


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