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Egg straccetti with mushrooms

Egg straccetti with mushrooms

Sometimes it takes very little to put together a dish at the last moment!

Since the night before I had left the mushrooms and onion into thin slices ...
it did not take long to get dried porcini and egg pasta to have dinner ready.

 And now, since we already have all the ingredients on hand, you just have to start cooking!


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Put the dried porcini mushrooms and the water on the fire I began to brown the onion over a very slow fire with some butter.

As soon as it was browned, I added the slices of champignon and the porcini mushrooms soaked in small pieces and lots of parsley.

While they were cooking over medium heat I threw the pasta (these egg-dried spätzle are excellent for many preparations in the pan) and when ready I added it to the pan with a ladle of cooking water.

Another addition of parsley and a couple of minutes on high heat and the dish, complemented by some Parmesan cheese, was already on the table.

To try and ... enjoy your meal!


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