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The vegetarian "arrabbiata", simple and essential

The vegetarian "arrabbiata", simple and essential

My usual "penne all'arrabbiata" (Here the recipe) is a dish rich in taste and ingredients; very tasty but just not suitable for those who, in addition to avoiding animal fats, generally prefers a vegetarian diet!

And so, a couple of acquaintances have already asked me to tell, after having tried it for myself, this version of mine reduced to the essential ... in practice, I would dare to say, a classic garlic, oil and hot pepper sauce enriched with plenty of tomato!

Without, however, detracting from the taste and flavor (and not even calories because, here, I'm a bit heavy handed with extra virgin olive oil!).

The steps to prepare it are very few and truly within everyone's reach; as well as the ingredients: here they are!

Clearly everyone can increase or decrease the weight of the individual ingredients according to their taste, the doses indicated below are the ones that are the most popular on my table.

NB for this dish use pens but here, in bags request, I used the noodles!

Ingredients, per person:

penne g. 80
Chili pepper pc. 1
garlic cloves 1
extra virgin olive oil QB
tomato pulp TS. 2
cup sugar ct. ½
salt and pepper q.s.
chopped parsley (v. Note) TS. 1
grated pecorino TS. 1


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Boil water for pasta.

Chop the garlic and chilli (picture one sees two: one large and tasty - but sweet - and a decidedly spicy!)

Put the mince in the pan which will be used both to cook the sauce and to sauté the freshly drained pasta.
Add the oil and cook over medium heat until the garlic and chilli, just taking color, have begun to spread their aroma.
this is basically the most passage complicated: We must not let it darken the mixture but immediately proceed with the other ingredients!

Now add the tomato pulp, dampen the acidity with a little sugar, mix well and add an idea of ​​salt and pepper: you will then adjust them.
Cover and allow to simmer slightly.

While the sauce is cooking, salt the boiling water and throw the dough.
When the pasta is almost ready (a minute or two before) taste the sauce and, if necessary, season with salt and pepper.

Drain the pasta very al dente, it will complete the cooking in the pan, raise the heat to the maximum under the sauce and immediately pour the pasta starting to mix, without mistreating the pasta, for at least a minute.

Add the parsley, turn off the heat and stir again a couple of times.

Remove from the stove and, before going to the table, complete with cheese (for lovers of cheese in abundance, put a bowl on the table) And serve.

All that remains is to distribute in the dishes and give us with a fork.

Buon appetito!


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  • print pdf Recipe, text only: to print or download.
  • You can limit, but not too much, the use of oil in the preparation and then bring to the table a bottle of oil flavored with chilli (I always have some in the pantry, prepared by me).
  • Parsley: I often replace the parsley with the burnet which, in my garden, grows luxuriant.
  • Wanting to propose a "vegan" version, I recommend not just eliminating the pecorino but to complete the dish, always in the pan already off the heat, with half a spoonful of almond flakes.
  • I know you already know but ... repetita juvant: finished trafficking with chilli, it is convenient to wash and rub hands vigorously, perhaps with a toothbrush; and do not pass them on lips and eyes!
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