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Pasta with anchovies, bread crumbs and datterini

 Pasta with anchovies, bread crumbs and datterini

There are recipes that I like to call democratic... dishes where the proportions and some ingredients, except the main one, can be changed, in content and quantity!

Among these, indisputably one can include the pasta with breadcrumbs or breadcrumbs.

Here I propose it with anchovies and many aromas; as well as a touch of spicy!

Clearly on the cooking manuals we will find, codified, some very, very good regional recipes!
But I still have not heard, as for other recipes coded in recent times, the people who insult and slaughters in the name of alleged purity and exclusivity of a preparation ...

Here you can replace the anchovies with beautiful anchovies sottosale; or maybe with some mackerel in oil.
Change the spiciness with a nice bunch of fennel (I have it in the garden) and remove the garlic and chilli.

And, why not, use other types of tomatoes, such as cherry or pachino;
how to do without it altogether!

And now, please, follow me in my proposal: maybe next time I propose to you in another capacity!

Ingredients, per person:

pasta (spaghetti, pe)  g.  70
anchovies in oil  g.  100
capers  TS.
Chili pepper  pc.  1
garlic  clove  1
thyme  bouquet  1
small onion  pc.  1
datterini  pc.  8
dry bread  g.  20
pepper (optional)  Ad Lib.
extra virgin olive oil  q.s.


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Given that from the moment he throws the dough the minutes available are few, you should make sure that all the ingredients are prepared:
then begin to cut the cherry tomatoes into wedges and onion into large pieces;
keep them aside along with anchovies divided into two or three parts.

Put the dry pieces of bread in a mixer together with the garlic into small pieces (or squeezed), the capers and the various spices.
Wanting to also add a good grinding of pepper.

Important: do not add salt: all these ingredients are salty in themselves, the only salt allowed, and due, is that for the pasta water!

As soon as everything is well ground, heat some oil in a large pan (it will also be used to cook the rest of the sauce and finally to sauté and flavor the pasta) and brown this mixture of breadcrumbs until it begins to brown slightly, releasing the aroma of the other ingredients.

Transfer to a bowl and roughly clean the skillet.

Throw the pasta in boiling salted water and at the same time brown the chunks of onion in a pan with a little oil.

Just begins to wilt also add the anchovies.

Just before draining the pasta, pour the cherry tomatoes into the pan and continue stirring, now over high heat.

Add the pasta just al dente and add to the pan for a minute.

Complete with the mixture the mixture of browned breadcrumbs and continue cooking for another minute until all the flavors are well blended.

Serve directly from the pan accompanying as you please with a drizzle of olive oil raw in the dishes.

Bon appetite


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  • print pdf Recipe, text only: to print or download.
  • I repeat: salt should not be added to the ingredients. At most you will put a salt mill on the table.
  • I like chilli very much and I love the spicy taste: each one doses it according to his own taste (or of his guests).

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