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Pasta with broccoli, a proposal 

Orecchiette with broccoli

There are different recipes for preparing pasta with broccoli, all excellent.

Here to me, in general, we are always prepared in the usual way, the one that I propose today.

And, perhaps because of the habit, it is also the preparation that I find simpler!

It is a dish that succeeds with many pasta shapes but certainly gives its best with orecchiette;
the ideal would be to have them fresh but, as in this case, even the dried ones make their appearance on the plate.

Moreover I can never find someone who has the patience to be there to photograph me when I prepare fresh ones so we will have to settle for what goes through the convent.

The ingredients are few and do not require much preparation.
This is my non-vegetarian version, however, and a minimum of time to desalinate and dislodge anchovies must be taken.

For the rest, starting as always from the ingredients, it goes like this.

Ingredients for two persons:

pasta / dry orecchiette g. 120
broccoli, ca. g. 300
extra virgin olive oil q.s.
salted anchovies pc. 2
garlic cloves 2

As a general rule, for the ingredients, I rule as follows:
broccoli must be just over twice the weight of the pasta; and for each diner I calculate a clove of garlic and an anchovy.
That's it.


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Separate the inflorescences, the tops, from the stem and rinse them quickly;
the stem, peeled and cut into small pieces, is excellent to add to a minestrone:
don't throw it away.

Bring to a boil the water, add salt and toss the broccoli.
Wait for it to resume the boil and add the pasta too
(in the case of dried orecchiette, these require about the same cooking time as broccoli - otherwise add it a little later).

While pasta and vegetables cook, fry the cloves of garlic, cleaned and cut in half, in olive oil (here the amount depends on personal taste).
Do not let them burn and remove them as soon as they released all their aroma oil.

Add the anchovies fillets desalted and dislodged (eventually, even if less tasty, also well those in oil ...) and make them unravel in oil.
Remove from the heat and wait for the pasta to be ready.

Just pasta and vegetables are cooked, drain them in a mesh strainer dense or, rather, as in these photos, the scholar out the water carefully with a lid fastened on the pot to do colar out the rest.

quickly put oil on the fire and pour it on, beautiful warm, directly on condendo pasta to the pot (it is, as we see, a preparation for good).

Pasta is served: enjoy your meal!


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  • For those who love it, a little 'chili never hurts!
  • As I indicated in the version vegetarian of this recipe, broccoli can be prepared first and then, after cooking the pasta in the same water, sautéed with the orecchiette and all the other condiments.
  • Clearly, when I have time to take them to the ethnic supermarket in the center, I prepare this pasta with turnip tops in season arrive here daily!

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Your comments are welcome!
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