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Pens cream, peas and ham

Pens cream, peas and ham

When I think of a simple dish but with a refined and full taste and flavor, I can not forget my cream, peas and ham.

Also because it is one of those dishes that can always be improvised at the last moment and that almost everyone agrees.

And the ingredients? Well, those in general are a part of the fixed presence of my fridge!

After all, because of my greediness, I always have fresh cream (and strictly only that) at home.
And of frozen peas they can never fail, are useful in many occasions.
Then it often happens that in the house there is a surplus of ham ...
and at that point I'm ready to go to the table.

For the quantities and proportions of the ingredients I have my personal measure indicated below; but I often prefer to leave it to the taste of the moment and, if I feel particularly available, to the taste of my guests.

I also tried, for a vegetarian (but not a vegan) friend, to replace the ham with cubed smoked tofu:
the taste changes significantly but it is pleasant and interesting.

Starting from the ingredients, all prepared on the counter, let's start cooking!

Ingredients for two persons:

penne, pennette or half-pens g. 100
salted butter   q.s. 
frozen peas cup ¼
ham into small pieces cup ¼
fresh cream cup ¼
salt, pepper and nutmeg q.s.
grated parmesan q.s.


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Since the sauce takes very little time, start cooking it when you throw the pasta.

In a saucepan (if you will serve the pasta in a tureen, otherwise in a frying pan) melt the butter letting the peas defrost.

As soon as they soften, add the ham, leave it to flavor and season with salt (very little: the ham is already salty), pepper and a nice grating of nutmeg.

Add the cream and stir over high heat until nearly simmer the sauce.

At this point drain the pasta, pour into a bowl and pour over the sauce adding a first sprinkling of grated cheese.

Alternatively, drain the pasta al dente and pour it into the pasta saucer and let it go for a couple of minutes over high heat to soak up the flavor of the sauce.
Season it off the fire with some of the cheese and bring it to the table in the pan.

Each one will then complete, if to his liking, with another grain.

Buon appetito!


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  • In the absence of fresh cream, UHT cream substitute; but not, please, with the so-called cream.
  • A slightly lighter version? Replace the cream with full fat Greek yogurt!

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