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Prussian (puff pastry biscuits)

Prussians of puff

There are some sweets, such as meringues and improvised tiramisu, which I prepare when I have to take out the remains of another preparation.

Among these are certainly the Prussians!

Just complete the scraps of puff pastry with a little butter, sugar and herbs and they are ready.

In practice, when after having cut out all the shapes you need from the puff pastry and you find yourself having many small scraps scattered on the table, just overlap them, pull them and give them a couple of turns, and you will find a small refrigerate until the rest is finished.

And then ... it is shooting with these!

Below I show the doses as reported in my cooking manual (Backen macht Freude);
but the photos and the quantities actually used have been adapted to the pastry that was there!



puff pastry ready g.  225
salted butter g.  25
cup sugar g.  50
vanilla pinch (made with three fingers)  1
cinnamon (optional) pinch (made with three fingers)  1
flour to roll out q.s.
sugar for decoration  q.s.




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Roll out the dough (you should get a rectangle of approx. 55x22 cm) or, if you take it specifically for these biscuits, take one already rolled out!

Mix sugar with the vanilla (or one packet of vanilla sugar) and also wanting with cinnamon.

Melt butter and brush it on the whole surface of the sheet.

Sprinkle everything with the sugar mixture ...

... and start rolling the dough tightly enough like this:

Starting from the two extreme sides (short) of the rectangle, roll them towards the center until you have two puff rolls that meet at the center.

Make them stick well and put this together, wrapped in cartaforno, on a cutting board and then in the refrigerator for at least half an hour.

After the necessary time, bring the oven (static) to 200 ° C (if ventilated 180 ° C).

Cover a cake plate with baking paper.

Put the double roll on a cutting board with a knife and extrapolating from thick slices about one centimeter to be placed well apart on the plate.

Bake halfway up for approx. 15 'remembering to turn the biscuits after the first ten minutes
(personally around the cookies after a dozen minutes later and go on for another five minutes until you get a nice pastry is golden brown).

Remove from the oven and, first of all, sprinkle the cookies generously with sugar.

Slide, possibly, the wax paper with cookies on a shelf so they do not continue to cook on the hot plate.

Wait until they have cooled down and, if they are gone after the first taste, put them in a metal box: they can be stored for two or three days.


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  • print pdf text-only recipe for print or download
  • Regardless of the amount of pastry available, the width of the rectangle (the long side) must be approx. 55 cm; this to ensure a sufficient number of coils to the biscuits.
  • Wanting different flavors every time, enrich the sugar with cocoa idea or with a spoonful or two of almond or coconut flour.
  • I was unable to photograph some passages: I will fix it as soon as possible (the next leftover pastry!)

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