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sponge cake with custard

sponge cake filled with custard

Here it is, what, among the sweet fast, call the maximum of libidine!

A simple base Margherita cake whose dry and sandy consistency perfectly matches a sweet filling.
And, to exaggerate: repeated on two layers!

Here another basic preparation of relative simplicity was used, the custard;
 but others can also be used.

The quickest of all the alternatives, just wanting to completely exempt myself from further preparations, is a nice jar of jam!
Or another one of those charming ready-made creams that can be found on the counters of the supermarket or in some shops ...

Of course, even one Chantilly cream it does not require a great job.
But I can also recommend one cream diplomatic or homemade lemon curd  (It is also in the can - here, at least).

Or the one that most pleases.

For ingredients, here I will only indicate the two components used, the cake base and cream.
Complete recipes are located in the entry.


Margherita cake from 4 eggs and ∅ cm. 24


custard from 2 eggs and ¼ l. milk



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Prepare a margherita cake as from for successful corporate training and let it cool well.
While the cake cools completely prepare the custard  and then let it cool, stirring it occasionally to keep it well flowing.
Using a long pastry knife (you can also go with a bread knife as long as you use it gently) make two cuts so as to make three base layers.
Spread the first layer of the base with half of the cream and cover with the second.

Cover this layer also with the rest of the cream and cover with the remaining layer.
With the spatula distribute along the edges, even in an irregular way, the cream that will be overflowing.
Sprinkle the icing sugar cake and keep it cool for at least thirty minutes: the cream will firm up well and will become one with the daisy base.

Slice and serve:

guaranteed success!


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