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Childhood cakes: daisy

The margherita cake

I think my passion for cooking was born, as it often happens to children, from my passion for cakes and the desire of being able to always have available without having to wait for someone offered me.

The only solution was to learn how to prepare them on my own!

The first two to be tested, under the careful management of my mother, were the tart with jam and margherita cake.
Clearly prepared with the only kitchen manual in possession of my mother, that ofArtusi.

And the recipe of his margherita pasta, which you find , hereit's the one I still prepare today, whenever the nostalgia and the desire for a simple and light cake take my throat!

The ingredients for this cake, in its most essential version, are only four: potato flour, sugar, eggs and lemon peel.

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Which are basically the same ingredients I use for lin my recipe although helped by some extra kitchen tool.

Today I almost always put it on the table without other frills that a decoration with icing sugar

 but I do not deny that stuffed with a beautiful custard or a diplomatic is a bijoux!


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