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Pancake quickly

Pancake quickly

How many times, watching certain films or American TV series, we have not seen someone fumbling in the kitchen, sometimes with results definitely not brilliant, prepares a pile of steaming pancakes for breakfast?
Certainly many times and who knows how many times we haven't thought:
Here, maybe tomorrow I'll prepare them too!
Then we end up letting go, partly out of laziness and partly because of the uncertainty of not knowing what kind of concoction will come out of it.

Well, this one that I propose below is a very simple version of these omelettes; so essential that it is always sure to succeed:
the blender is enough, a pan that does not attack and, of course, the ingredients.

So let's start by taking what we need!

Ingredients, for 4 people:

eggs pc. 2
XNUMX cups milk ml. 200
yogurt TS. 2
cup sugar TS. 3
0 cup flour g. 200
sale pinch (made with three fingers) 1
baking powder sachet ½
extra virgin olive oil TS. 3


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Pour all the ingredients into the blender.

Mix and, using a spatula, after a couple of minutes, remove the unmixed mixture attached to the walls.
Continue to blend until a smooth and homogeneous mixture is obtained.
Pour it into a bowl and keep it cool covered with plastic film until ready to use.

Heat over medium heat a non-stick frying pan often and pour a ladleful of batter; quickly spread it on the entire surface.

The dough is thick enough and, after a minute, using the spatula, turn it and cook it on the other side for another minute.

When ready, place it on a plate and keep it covered with a cloth.
Just grease the pan again and proceed in the same way until the dough is full.

Now just have to eat them: topped with a spoonful of honey, jam, or with maple syrup, as usual!
Also excellent with elderberry syrup that can be prepared at home without difficulty!

Enjoy your breakfast!
(or, if you prefer, good snack!)


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