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fragrant cherry tomatoes with rice stuffing baked 

 fragrant cherry tomatoes with rice stuffing baked

A vegetarian dish that can be used as an appetizer, first course or side dish.
And, if necessary, cold as finger food.

Everything is in the size of the tomatoes!

Here it is presented in the side dish, served hot and with medium-sized tomatoes: they do not have to dominate the dish.
Then, if anyone is still hungry, take some of those specially cooked more!

But with small tomatoes it is also an idea for a finger food table, to be served cold.
While a large tomato with almost half an ounce of rice is certainly an abundant first course.

The important thing is to use a rice that resists cooking in the oven (the risi da pilaf, for example) and a marinade of the same together with the ingredients, the humidity of which will serve to bring it to cooking.

In the case of very small tomatoes with little water, a risotto-like cooking may be necessary for no more than 7 '/ 8' and the addition of a little water before baking.

Garlic and parsley (or even oregano or basil), are essential: they will give these tomatoes a fragrance all their own.


well-balanced medium-sized red tomatoes



long-grain rice (Basmati type)






parsley (or basil)


salt and pepper


extra virgin olive oil



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Wash and dry the tomatoes and arrange them with the part of the stem underneath so that they remain standing without problems.

Cut a lid from the top and keep it aside.

With a scoop or a small spoon, carefully empty the inside and place it on a cutting board.

Chop this tomato pulp and put it in a bowl with seeds and liquid.

Season with crushed or finely chopped garlic, parsley, salt and pepper.

Rinse the rice (not cooked!) And mix well with the rest of the filling.
It is important that the rice rests in the rest of the filling for at least half an hour; an hour is even better.

After the rest period, preheat the oven (static) to 180 ° and start filling the tomatoes with this filling, crushing it well.

Arrange the tomatoes in a pan well greased with oil just able to contain them all and close them with their lid ...

... Securing it half steccolino.

Bake for 45 'at 180 °.
Warning: the humidity of the filling should be sufficient not to make the tomatoes dry but, if necessary, add a little water after halfway through cooking.
Remove from the oven and serve hot, for example as a side dish to a meat dish.
The rice will be perfectly cooked and flavored.


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  • If there is some filling left over, it can be used to stuff a courgette or a pepper to be cooked in the oven.
  • These tomatoes are also good warm or cold. Using even smaller tomatoes they can also be used as colorful finger food.
  • A variation appreciated by the children of a couple of friends is the replacement of the lid with a Kratinos often enough bread crumbs, garlic, olive oil and parsley.

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