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Country cut potatoesspicy potato wedges
but... in the oven...)

Country cut potatoes 

Chatting out with friends over a beer, it's always worth nibbling at something; maybe, instead of the usual fries it is worth trying these country cut potatoes.
Very good plus with the advantage that instead of fried are often prepared in the oven. 
And delicious!

By taking them out to prepare them at home, the distance is short ... and prepare them, hot and crispy, is very simple.

You can serve it as a snack, with a part of mayonnaise or ketchup (fantastic also with it tzatziki), but they are also a great side dish for lunch as for dinner.

I I do them well.

Ingredients (the minimum quantity ...):

medium potatoes g. 300
garlic clove 1
salt and pepper q.s.
Origan Ad Lib.
p Ad Lib.
extra virgin olive oil TS. 1

The spices that I mentioned are the ones that I like, you can also use rosemary as coriander or cumin;
and for a touch of the exotic, even curry!


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Begin by washing well the potatoes well rubbing the peel (I use gloves on purpose but it's good enough a rough sponge) and then dry them and keep them aside while you prepare the sauce and the oven heats up to 220 ° C.

Peel and press the garlic in a large bowl the potatoes enough to hold even then, add salt and pepper and your favorite spices and olive oil. Stir briefly and ...

... For the slicing along the sliced ​​potatoes: before halving and then cut again so as to obtain four segments more or less the same size.

Mix them very well in the bowl until they have collected all the seasoning.

Arrange the wedges on a baking sheet covered with aluminum foil and place in the 220 ° C static oven for 40 '.

After about forty minutes the baked country cut potatoes are ready; you may eventually taste one, to test it, but take care not to burn yourself.

Remove from the oven and pass them, depending on the amount, on a plate or a tray and serve hot accompanied by mayonnaise, ketchup or the preferred sauce.

Buon appetito!


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  • print pdf Recipe, text only: to print or download.
  • Those unwilling to just peel and garlic press, can use the one in the tube; It is not quite the same thing but: desperate times ...
  • I was asked and I confirm: the potatoes are not to get peeled but washed and brushed with a damp sponge. So they will be more flavourful and, not least, by not peeling them you save a lot of time!
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